Tideland Signal has been providing marking systems to the offshore industry for over six decades. These systems have a history of long and reliable service in some of the harshest marine environments on the planet.

The latest development brings the benefits of LED technology – low power, no re-lamping and minimal maintenance to the offshore industry operating in Zone 1 Hazardous Areas.

This light station complies with the latest IALA Recommendation G-1162 on Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures and includes the option of a 15NM LED light which is often required by regional authorities.

• Direct replacement for Tideland Decentralised Main and Secondary Light Stations

• Quick and Easy Replacement

• Can be Replaced one station at a time

• High Reliability

• Self Contained Solution


  • The Exde certified MLED-180HI Ex LED Main Light features a high efficiency LED flasher head operating at an average power of 40W.
  • The Exde certified MLED-150 Ex LED Secondary Light features a high efficiency LED flasher head operating at an average power of 6.6W.
  • Each Lantern is autonomous, having onboard software to generate the Morse U code and monitor the critical operating parameters of the flasher.

  • An Exd or Exde Junction box assembly is included and pre wired, which contains a wide input Power Supply to convert existing 230 or 120v AC Main Light supplies to 24v DC. It also incorporates a battery charger and configurable alarm and control circuitry allows one product to be easily tailored to fit the majority of existing control and monitoring options.
  • A Zone 1 Certified Battery Box is included to provide minimum 96 Hours Autonomy for the Secondary Light and up to two optional Subsidiary Lights.

  • Units are supplied Pre assembled on either a Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel Pedestal with either Rectangular Bases to directly replace Tideland Syncrolan 91 type stations, or with Triangular Bases to directly replace earlier Syncrolan Orion stations.
  • Suitable for Upgrade Solutions or New Build.