Tideland Signal has been providing marking systems to the offshore industry for over six decades. These systems have a history of long and reliable service in some of the harshest marine environments on the planet.

The latest arrangements of the long proven AB-68-EX Fog Stations bring updated power supply solutions and monitoring integration for minimal maintenance to the offshore industry operating in Zone 1 (ATEX CAT 2) Hazardous Areas.

This fog station complies with the latest IALA Recommendation G-1162 on Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures and includes a Secondary, Half Mile Backup fog signal as standard which is often required by regional authorities.

  • Direct replacement for Tideland Decentralised Main and Secondary Light Stations
  • Quick and Easy Replacement
  • Can be Replaced one station at a time
  • Can be use with existing AB-68-EX Fog Signal Arrays with the addition of new ECU Electronics Module
  • High Reliability
  • Self Contained Solution

  • Suitable for use with Tideland AB-68-EX Fog Signal Arrays for combined 2 mile Main and ½ Mile Secondary Operation when combined with a Tideland Dual ECU Assembly.
  • Zone 1 Certified.
  • Incorporates a battery and charger system to support the fog signal and up to 2 subsidiary lights for a minimum of 96 hours autonomy.
  • Incorporates a second battery charger to charge and optional Visibility Detector battery.

  • Units are supplied Pre assembled on either a Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel Pedestal with either Rectangular “C Frame” Bases to directly replace Tideland Syncrolan 91 type stations, where the fog Signal Array is usually positioned on top of the power skid,, or with Triangular Bases to directly replace earlier Syncrolan Orion stations. Additionally, cost effective, stand alone Power skid options are available to be placed adjacent to deck mounted fog signal arrays.
  • Suitable for Upgrade Solutions or New Build.