Tideland Signal has been providing marking systems to the offshore industry for over six decades. These systems have a history of long and reliable service in some of the harshest marine environments on the planet.

The latest development brings the benefits of LED technology – low power, no re-lamping and minimal maintenance to the offshore industry operating in Zone 1 and Class 1 Div 2 hazardous areas.

This light station complies with the latest IALA Recommendation G-1162 on Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures and includes the option of a 15NM LED light which  is often required by regional authorities.

  • Direct replacement for the majority of Tideland Centralised Main and Secondary Light Stations
  • Quick and Easy Replacement
  • Can be Replaced one station at a time
  • High Reliability

  • The Exde certified MLED-180HI Ex LED Main Light features a high efficiency LED flasher head operating at an average power of 40W.
  • The Exde certified MLED-150 Ex LED Secondary Light features a high efficiency LED flasher head operating at an average power of 6.6W. For Class 1, Division 2 Solutions, the MLED-150EX is replaced by the Compact Tideland NOVA-65HI-UL lantern, which provides a cost effective, low power solution where certification requirements are lower.

  • Each Lantern is autonomous, having onboard software to generate the Morse U code and monitor the critical operating parameters of the flasher.
  • An Exd or Exde Junction box assembly is included and pre wired, which contains a wide input Power Supply to convert existing 230 or 120v AC Main Light supplies to 24v DC.  Configurable alarm and control circuitry allows one product to be easily tailored to fit the majority of existing control and monitoring options.

  • Units are supplied Pre assembled on either a Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel Pedestal with Standard Tideland 200mm PCD Fixing pattern
  • Suitable for Upgrade Applications or New Builds