Tideland Signal have been designing and manufacturing navigation buoys for over 35 years with thousands of buoys supplied around the world. Our current range of navigation buoys have been developed using the knowledge and experience our engineers have gained during this period. All Tideland buoys have stability and strength calculations available, which can be provided on request, enabling you to use the buoys in full confidence that they are suitable for the conditions in which they will be deployed. Our range of polyethylene navigation buoys are available in all IALA colors and configurations, with diameters ranging from 900mm up to 3 meters and focal plane heights up to 5.5 meters. In addition to our range of polyethylene navigation buoys, we also offer a range of traditional steel buoys, providing our customers with a solution for every application.


Navigation buoys

Sentinel® Multi-purpose Buoy

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Navigation buoys

Sentinel® multi-purpose buoy

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SB-2.6 Buoys

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Sentinel Buoy

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SB-3.0 Buoy

Navigation buoys


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Why do you need Navigation Buoys?

A navigation buoy is a floating Aid to Navigation which provides the mariner with information on the safest route to take, in the same way that a road sign would provide information to a motorist. The first recording of a navigation buoy was in Lo Compasso da Navigare in 1296, which mentions a buoy located in the Guadalquivir River on the approach to Seville in Spain. Today, thousands of navigation buoys are deployed around the world to guide ships in and out of port safely, using the rules set out by IALA in the Maritime Buoyage System, which was first introduced in 1980. Navigation buoys are available in various shapes and sizes, and the correct buoy to use is determined by the application and conditions in which it will be deployed. Different construction materials and processes are used to manufacture navigation buoys and at Tideland Signal we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of rotationally molded polyethylene buoys and more traditional steel buoys depending on your preference.

Why Tideland Signal’s navigation buoys?

At Tideland Signal we pride ourselves on the design integrity and quality of the navigation buoys we manufacture. We carefully manage the manufacturing processes and raw materials in our rotationally molded polyethylene buoys, performing regular tests in our laboratory on both raw materials and finished products to ensure the product we produce is to the highest standards. In addition to this, all our buoys are manufactured to comply with the different Guidelines and Recommendations provided by IALA, which ensures compliance with both local and international standards. At Tideland, our focus is on high reliability and low cost of ownership, making Tideland Signal navigation buoys your safest and most cost-effective option for floating Aids to Navigation.

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