Tideland Signal marine foghorns are designed for use in the harsh marine environment and are manufactured using saltwater resistant materials. Our AB-26 AUDIOBEAM® is a ½NM range fog signal which is UL listed for use in a Class 1 Division 2, Group D hazardous location. Our AB-560 AUDIOBEAM® is a 2NM range fog signal which is also UL listed for use in a Class 1 Division 2, Group D hazardous location. Finally, our AB-68 EX AUDIOBEAM® is a 2NM fog signal which is certified for use in a Zone 1 hazardous location. The AB-68 EX can be supplied with a dual ECU to comply with requirements for a Main/Secondary signal with 2NM range on main arrangement and ½NM range on a secondary arrangement. They can all work independently as standalone units, but should the customer want to connect them to a central control panel this is also possible. All Tideland fog signals are USCG approved and comply with all relevant IALA Guidelines and Recommendations.


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Marine foghorns


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Why do you need fog signals?

In areas that are prone to poor visibility, fog signals can be used to supplement visual Aids to Navigation which become redundant in heavy fog. When visibility drops below 2NM the fog signals can either be manually activated or electronically activated by a visibility sensor and provide a 360° audible signal, usually a Morse Code character, warning vessels that there is a potential hazard in their proximity. They are commonly used to mark offshore structures and platforms, the caissons on bridges and other hazards such as cliffs, rocks, and sea walls. When paired with electronic Aids to Navigation such as racon or AIS AtoN they provide a greater degree of safety and redundancy when visibility is at its poorest.

Why Tideland Signal’s fog signals?

The Tideland Signal range of fog signals are suitable for both general marine use and for use in hazardous areas. The AB-26 is a ½NM range fog signal for use in applications where a shorter range is required. The housing of the fog signal is manufactured from marine grade aluminum and houses a heavy-duty driver which powers a dual resonant emitter. It is engineered for efficiency and long on-station life, operating at less than 25% of rated capacity. The AB-560 2NM range fog signal is for use in safe areas or Class 1 Division 2, Group D hazardous areas. With Tideland Signal’s patented solid state power amplifier and five Tideland Signal TDA-375 precision heavy duty drivers operating at just 10% of rated capacity, the AB-560 is engineered for efficiency and long life. The structure is hot dipped galvanized, and the driver enclosures are made from plastic ensuring the fog signal is protected from the harsh elements. The AB-68 EX is a 2NM range fog signal certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. The emitter units are heavy duty electromagnetic types with phenolic coated diaphragms in watertight manganese bronze enclosures. As with the other fog signals in our range the emitters are run well below the rated capacity at just 25%, to ensure the longest possible service life. Available as a standard 2NM fog signal or as a main and secondary fog signal with 2NM and ½NM ranges, the AB-68 EX meets all the requirements for a Zone 1 fog signal. All Tideland fog signals are USCG approved and comply with all relevant IALA Guidelines and Recommendations making them the sensible choice for this application.

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