The Tideland Sola-Chan continues to be the unit of preference worldwide for non-self contained requirements
300 x 300

The Tideland Sola-Chan signal lanterns are unitised, low maintenance light systems powered by solar energy for reliable operation in remote areas. All parts of the Sola-Chan system are Tideland factory assembled and pre-wired. The system is simply lifted into place and secured. A standard system weighs from 70kg (154lb) to 87kg (191lb), depending upon model and configuration selected.

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  • Features

    Sola-Chan can be fitted with Tideland’s ML-300, ML- 140 and ML-155 MaxLumina® standard marine lanterns or any of Tideland’s range of LED lanterns.

    Solar Modules
    One 12-volt solar module mounts under the lantern by a galvanised steel or marine grade aluminium mounting bracket. Modules are available with the following ratings: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W or 65W. Each module is equipped with bird scarers.

    Sola-Chan consists of a galvanised steel pedestal, base plate and two conductor wiring. Pedestal standard heights vary between 24” (610mm) and 54” (1372mm). An FG-2/12 structural GRP battery box is secured to the pedestal base. This weatherproof battery box can accommodate either one or two V12-MF batteries.

    Marine signal light systems are configured to meet site requirements. Shown above is a Sola-Chan unitised system with an MLED-300 MaxLumina® lantern and a 10W solar module mounted on a four foot pedestal. 

    The solar panel can be easily rotated in 90º increments so that it faces the equator while the battery box remains accessible for maintenance.

    A series of Sola-Chan lights, individually powered, can be synchronised to flash in unison.

    Full monitor and control access.

    All approved IALA colours available. 

    Optional padlock for battery box.