SB-1000 is a product of Tideland’s continued development of high performance, low maintenance, cost effective, multipurpose buoys. The unique design of the buoy allows it to be deployed in a variety of applications that include shallow water, channel edges, rivers up to 4 knots current, marinas and harbours.

SB-1000 drawing | Tideland Signal


  • UV-stabilised polyethylene – rotationally moulded to form a seamless hull, 9.5mm thick, able to withstand knocks and/or collisions. Through a unique mould design and a controlled process, an increased thickness is formed at major  stress points. This  rugged  material is abrasion resistant  and  reduces marine growth. Polyethylene eliminates the need for costly  sandblasting and painting.
  • Long-term strength – equipped with a stainless steel mooring and lifting  eye, the buoy is easily  handled. SB-1000 buoy is Polyurethane  foam  filled  to prevent water ingress in event  of a puncture. As with all Sentinel® buoys, minor punctures are on-station repairable.
  • Colours – SB-1000 is available in all recommended IALA colours.
  • Now with replaceable mooring and lifting eyes to comply with the latest IALA Guidelines.
  • Lantern – A SolaMAX-3 (or similar) can be fitted to the top for nighttime applications.