Tideland Signal’s MaxiHalo-60 II LED flasher assembly allows for an easy upgrade to LED technology without having to replace existing lanterns.

MaxiHALO-60 II provides a fully focused light in most Tideland marine signal lanterns and is compatible with most commercially available lanterns and rotating beacons. The MaxiHALO-60 II LED flasher, a Tideland Signal proprietary light source, projects a light in a 360° horizontal beam pattern.

maxihalo in ml155


  • User selectable power settings for multiple visual range performance
  • 256 user selectable flash characters
  • Full monitor and control access
  • SignalView program to set user options
  • Available in all IALA approved colors
  • Temperature compensated LED drive circuits ensure uniform brightness with ambient temperature change
  • Impervious to shock and vibration
  • Sunswitch on-off set points
  • Hard Wire Synchronization facility with Optional GPS synchronization module
  • Sealed Electronics