A favorite with platform users around the world. 5 or 10NM flashing Morse Code "U"
300 x 300

The lightweight and durable ML-300 is suitable for a wide range of marine applications such as lighthouses, landfall beacons, offshore platforms, drilling barges and channel markers. ML-300 produces luminous intensity levels with lower current consumption than other manufacturers’ lanterns equipped with moulded lenses.

The ML-300 utilises Tideland’s 300mm Fresnel lens, introduced in 1967 as the world’s largest singlepiece acrylic optic for marine lanterns. Today, the ML-300 is the most efficient injection moulded 300mm lens available producing greater required effective intensities from smaller wattage lamps than any other lens of comparable size.

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  • Features
    • Accommodates all Tideland Signal standard incandescent flasher/lamp changers
    • MLED-RETRO, and MaxiHALO-60 LED replacement light sources
    • Supports all industry standard flasher/lampchangers
    • Lenses available in all approved IALA colours
    • Tideland Signal’s patented leveling and focusing system
    • Easy twist-and-lift tabs allow lens to be removed quickly for maintenance
    • Cable glands and connectors factory supplied
    • For applications requiring a sectored light, one or more coloured acrylic inserts (including opaque) can be added
    • Excellent for all marine environments
    • Full monitor and control access with Tideland Signal flasher