The lightweight and durable ML-300 is suitable for a wide range of marine applications such as lighthouses, landfall beacons, offshore platforms, drilling barges and channel markers. ML-300 produces luminous intensity levels with lower current consumption than other manufacturers’ lanterns equipped with molded lenses.

The ML-300 utilizes Tideland’s 300mm Fresnel lens, introduced in 1967 as the world’s largest single piece acrylic optic for marine lanterns. Today, the ML-300 is the most efficient injection molded 300mm lens available producing greater required effective intensities from smaller wattage lamps than any other lens of comparable size.

Available in GMU (General Marine Use) and Class 1, Division 2 (UL listed and Labelled) versions


  • Supplied with Tideland OMNIBUS II 6 Place Flasher Lampchanger
  • Supports all industry standard flasher/lamp changers
  • Lenses available in all approved IALA colors
  • Tideland Signal’s patented leveling and focusing system
  • Hinged Lens for easy access.
  • Easy twist-and-lift tabs allow lens to be removed quickly for maintenance
  • Cable glands and connectors factory supplied
  • For applications requiring a sectored light, one or more colored acrylic inserts (including opaque) can be added
  • Excellent for all marine environments
  • Full monitor and control access with Tideland Signal flasher
  • Hard Wire Synchronized or Optional GPS Synchronization with Tideland Flashers
  • 256 Preprogrammed Flash codes with Tideland Flashers
  • Optional Version With Smooth Lexan Lens Shield