Quick and easy deployment - small base allows the buoy to be easily “set” in the water with minimal complications
300 x 300

The DM-390 is a lightweight buoy with a smaller base for shallow waters and harbors. Even though small in size it still retains the durability and rigidity of Tideland Signal’s larger buoys. Along with being equipped with two mooring rings at the base, the DM-390 can also accommodate Tideland Signal lanterns to increase visibility in the water.

Diameter:  .9m

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  • Features

    Small Size, Big Benefits

    The DM-390 can accommodate Tideland’s L-120 LED Light. Depending on configuration, this light has an approximate focal plane of 928 mm (3ft). Available in can or conical shapes.

    Light Weight and Portable – Can easily be transported by boat and handled by one person.

    Durable - Hard plastic shell makes it resistant to multiple impacts and temperature variations.

    Quick and Easy Deployment - Small base allows the buoy to be easily “set” in the water with minimal complications.

    Adaptable to Multiple Uses - Large top can be used to secure lanterns for better marking.

  • Specifications
    Construction Rotationally moulded in UV stabilized virgin polyethylene, 9.5mm thick
    Foam Filling Expanded polystyrene foam
    Buoy Diameter 902mm (2 ft 11 in)
    Air Weight 18 kg (39 lbs)
    Surface Color As Specified
    Maximum Mooring Load 113 kg (250 lbs)

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.