The choice for many when Ex certification is required
300 x 300

The AB-68-Ex Audiobeam® is a multi-emitter array that broadcasts a 360° beam of sound in the horizontal plane to a preselected code. Designed for use on offshore installations in hazardous gas environments.

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  • Features

    Emitter Units
    The emitters are heavy-duty electromagnetic types with phenolic-coated linen diaphragms in watertight manganese bronze enclosures. They are highly resistant to corrosion and operate at only 25% of rated capacity ensuring the longest service life.

    Electronic Control Unit
    Tideland’s ECU 800 generates the selected code. In the Main/Secondary arrangement 2 x ECU are used, one duty and one standby. A current monitor will automatically change over from the duty to the standby unit and report an alarm to a central monitor panel. Any 2 driver units are sufficient to meet a ½ mile secondary range requirement.

    The supporting structure comprises 3 x 316 stainless steel legs able to withstand severe hurricane force storms and harsh marine environments. The fog signal is completely assembled, wired and tested and ready for field connection. When a subsidiary light is required its bracket can be mounted to one leg of the structure.

    The advantage of the integral coder means the AB-68Ex can operate in autonomous stand alone mode from a central or dedication local battery. Tideland can supply fully certified Zone 1 (ATEX CAT 2) power supply systems.

  • Specifications
    Range 2NM usual range as defined and recommended by IALA. USCG approved per CFR 67.10 as a 2NM fog signal
    Input Voltage 12 or 24VD 
    Current @ 12VDC 180W when sounding
    Output Frequency 800Hz
    SPL Greater than 133.4dB @ 1 metre
    Coding Usually Morse U or one of any 256 pre-programmed
    Environmental Marine atmospheres, 100% Relative Humidity
    Hazardous Area Certification General ITS 09ATEX16405X, IECEx ITS 14.0019X, CESI 01ATEX027, IECEx TSA 06.0011
    Emitter Unit Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T4 Gb -40° C <= Ta <= 60° C
    ECU-800 Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T6/T5/T4 Gb
    Weight 220kg (485lbs)

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.