Tideland Signal is proud to introduce its new AIS Display software, TSD Nautical Sentry. TSD Nautical Sentry is a powerful web-based display and communication system. This leading edge software makes it easy to mark shipping lanes, monitor vessel traffic, transmit virtual AtoNs to mark protection zones, monitor dredge and Met/Hydro, and of course standard AtoN management and functionality.

Monitoring and providing safe waterways into or around your port, harbor, wind farm, or oil rig is extremely important which is why TSD Nautical Sentry can also provide:

  • Creation of synthetic and virtual AtoNs so that you can create events and warning areas to protect your structure as well as incoming vessels.
  • Message vessels directly using the software for alerts and warnings.
  • Create events to track AtoNs and Vessels for your desired cause.
  • Replay activity of AtoNs and vessels up to 30 days. (activity after 30 days can be accessed with notice)
  • Create and export reports based on vessel traffic, AtoN activity and events or a multitude of other reports that may be of service.

Due to TSD Nautical sentry being a web based service, site maintenance and updates are always ongoing. Tech service is provided to you and the service can be updated for better features in different versions depending on your needs!