Tideland Signal provides lighting solutions that are popular worldwide for marking bridges and other structures over navigable waters.

Tideland offers lanterns for marking the center of the channel which are mounted below the bridge superstructure on a swing  arm. The swing arm rotates on a bearing attached to the bridge mounting plate for ease of servicing and maintaining. Counterweight options are also available and made to specification for enhanced safety.

In addition to a range of swing arms Tideland is also able to supply a range of standard and custom support pedestals for use on existing structures. No bridge is identical, and our engineering division has the capability to customize to your needs.

Bridge-Swing-Arm Standard
Bridge-Swing-Arm Customized
Bridge-Swing-Arm Steel Cylinder


    • Galvanized steel
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Galvanized chain to assist in maintenance
    • Custom swing arm lengths
    • Counter weight option available made to order