Tideland’s original RL-355 range lantern was developed for the US Coast Guard as a high intensity range lantern and has earned its place as our most popular range lantern.

Our new development, RLED-355, is an LED version of the original lantern. Featuring MasterRange (II), RLED-355 provides exceptional performance over traditional incandescent lamps.

MasterRange is a versatile LED light panel that is used to upgrade RL-355 from existing incandescent lamp technology. This new assembly not only eliminates traditional lamp changers, it also eliminates costly mirrors and does not require focusing.

MasterRange is available with multiple numbers of LEDs, from 2 to 15, allowing for a wide range of effective intensities, with ranges up to 24NM.


RLED-355 dimensions top
RLED-355 dimensions Front
RLED-355 dimensions base

  • RLED-355 is available complete or alternatively MasterRange (II) is available as a conversion kit that can be retrofitted to existing RL-355s.
  • All control electronics, LEDs, LED drivers, LED lenses (not external spreader lenses), flashers, daylight control circuitry and mounting hardware are included in the conversion kit.
  • MasterRange LED panels are available in a range of assembly sizes and can be retrofitted to similar lanterns manufactured by companies other than Tideland Signal.
Optional Equipment

  • Optional hood assembly helps keep lens clear of dirt and bird droppings.
  • Optional Tideland GPS based system, to maintain flash synchronization of two or more range lanterns.

  • Supports all marine signaling industry standards.
  • Utilizes 1/4-inch-thick transparent acrylic lens.
  • Spreader lenses are available for varied horizontal divergences.
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant, marine grade materials.
  • Reliable in the severest of environments.
  • All IALA approved colors are available.
  • Easy horizontal aiming and adjustment.
  • External Sunswitch.
  • Full monitor and control access.
  • IR Remote Control (MasterRange II only)