MLED-180HI Ex brings the benefits of LED technology, low power, high reliability and low maintenance, to the Zone 1 environment. The flasher and optical source assembly designated MaxiHALO-180HI is designed after the proven MaxiHALO-150.

The MaxiHALO-180HI Ex is installed in a rugged Ex-d well glass housing used in the rigors of offshore atmospheres. A Single MLED-180HI Ex is now able to achieve ranges of in excess of 15NM. Onboard software constantly monitors operation of the MLED-180HI Ex and initiates an alarm signal if critical operation parameters are exceeded.


MLED-180HI Ex-dimensions side
MLED-180HI-Ex-dimensions Base


  • User selectable power settings
  • 256 user selectable flash characters
  • Temperature compensated LED drive circuits ensure uniform brightness with changes in ambient temperature
  • Full monitor and control capability
  • Fail output terminal for go/no go monitoring
  • Constant current power source maximises LED life