Tideland Signal’s MaxiHALO-60RB LED light  source assembly allows for an easy upgrade to LED technology without having to replace existing lanterns.


The MaxiHALO-60RB provides a fully focused light and is for use  in Tideland’s TRB-220 and TRB-400 lanterns, as well as being compatible with other manufacturers’ lanterns. The MaxiHALO-60RB LED light source, a Tideland Signal  proprietary light product, projects a light in a

360° horizontal beam pattern.


The MaxiHALO-60RB is available as a retrofit or as a light source for a new rotating beacon.

MaxiHALO-60RB Updated PDF

    • User selectable power settings for multiple visual range performance
    • Full monitor and control access
    • SignalView™ program to set user options

    • Available in all IALA approved colors
    • A constant current power source provides maximum lifetime of LEDs
    • Temperature compensated LED drive circuits ensure uniform brightness with ambient temperature change

    • Provides high electro-optical efficiency
    • Impervious to shock and vibration
    • Sunswitch on-off set points for operation under a broad range of applications