Offshore Systems

- Zone 1 and 2 AtoN Systems
- AtoN Systems for Class I Division 2
- Helideck and Obstruction Lighting
- AIS Protection and monitoring


- Offshore Wind Farms (OWF)
- Meteorological Masts
- Offshore Sub Stations (OSS)
- Temporary & Permanent Solutions

Ports and Harbours

- Port, Channel and Sea Buoys
- Beacons and Range Lights
- LED and Self Contained Lights
- Radar Beacons (RACONs)


Service, Installation and Maintenance

- Onshore and Offshore Service
- Full Supply and Install Contracts
- Survey and Maintenance Programs
- Consultancy and Survey Services


Electronic Navigation, AIS & Monitoring

- Satellite, VHF & GSM/GPRS Monitoring
- AIS AtoN Positioning and Monitoring
- AIS Vessel and AtoN Display
- Port Scheduling Systems


Power Systems

- Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Systems
- Onshore and Remote Locations
- Off Grid Power
- Remote Monitor and Control Systems



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