Clients who require exceptional performance choose the TRB-400 over any other rotating beacon
300 x 300

A compact, stand-alone, major light station beacon equipped with uniquely designed injection moulded acrylic dioptric fresnel lenses, the TRB-400 MaxLumina® Rotating Beacon is electric powered and lends itself to DC storage battery operation that can maintain a proper charge level through photovoltaic recharging from solar panels.

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  • Features

    Lens carousel, lampchanger and flasher, gearless direct drive motor and electronic control module are contained in a weather tight aluminum housing ( IP65) with cast acrylic glazing and stainless steel fasteners. Mounted on a light tower of proper height, the TRB-400 gives coastal shipping a 24NM range light. 

    Choice of 6-Lens or 8-Lens Carousel
    Lens carousels are rotated counter clockwise. Simple or complex flash characters are provided by insertion of blanking panels and selected rotation period programmed into the electronic control module. Lenses are available in all IALA colours.

    Choice of Two Lampchangers
    Available are the LC-70 lampchanger using Metal Halide lamps and TF-3B lampchanger/flasher using Quartz Halogen lamps. These units are engineered to hold three standard lamps and to eliminate shadowing of the operating lamp for maximum intensity and 360° visibility. Lampchangers come with electronic lamp controllers including monitoring circuits.

    Remote Monitor and Report Status
    The TRB-400 is operated with the use of the MicroPower OMNIBUS® II circuit. A general purpose light beacon controller that monitors and reports status of the following: status of operating lamp, number of available lamps, battery voltage (loaded and unloaded), sunswitch status, lamp fuse status, rotation period, lamp current.

    Control Functions
    The MicroPower OMNIBUS II circuit provides the following control functions: enable or disable flash sequence, override or restore sunswitch control, recount good lamps, communication with a standby lantern.

    Switchover from Main to Standby Lantern
    A standby lantern equipped with MicroPower OMNIBUS II circuit is normally disabled but is automatically enabled if the main lantern is not operating within specifications. Switchover from main to standby lantern is affected via a command and control communication protocol between the MicroPower OMNIBUS II circuits in the two lanterns.

    Gearless Direct Drive System
    Provides for a useful life of 25 years with no scheduled maintenance for the life of the motor. Drive motor is a 12-pole brushless DC motor designed for smooth operation over the range of 6 to 120 seconds rotation period. Commutation sensors and speed encoder are integrated into the motor. The motor and its internal bearing assembly are sized and lubricated to support the drive hub assembly that includes the directly coupled lens carousel. Motor bearings have a maximum rated speed of 4800RPM. Maximum rotation speed of the TRB-400 is 10RPM, minimising stress. All conditions such as load weight, load inertia, shock, corrosion to salt atmosphere, dust and any other possible contamination event, are provided for adequately. Sixteen preprogrammed rotation periods are available in the motor control circuit. In the field, the user can select any of these rotation periods by touching the membrane control switch on the electronic control module.

    Junction Boxes
    One of two available junction boxes is supplied with each rotating beacon:

    • JB-1 DC, for use with DC input power, has a moulded fiberglass NEMA-4X enclosure, UL-508 listed, with overall dimensions of 228mm (9.0”) long x 121mm (4.8”) wide x 134mm (5.3”) high. Included are the cables with connectors to plug into the receptacles on the beacon, sunswitch sensing element, and terminals for field connection of input DC power, standby beacon, and monitor and control input/ output.
    • JB02 AC, for use with AC mains input power, has a 16-gauge stainless steel NEMA-4X enclosure, UL-508 listed, with overall dimensions of 394mm (15.5”) long x 329mm (12.9”) wide x 152mm (6.0”) high. Included are the cables with connectors to plug into the receptacles on the beacon, sunswitch sensing element, and terminals for field connection of input AC power, standby beacon, and monitor and control input/output. Also contained within the enclosure is a universal input AC to DC converter.
  • Specifications
    Power Consumption

    Lamp - As specified

    Motor - Average 2.5W


    Choice of 6-lens carousel or 8-lens carousel with moulded acrylic lenses in clear (for white), red, green, or yellow; Black aluminum panels for blanking 

    Focal Distance - 200mm

    Focal Diameter - 400mm


    Standard Marine Lamps - 12VDC, 10 to 110W

    Metal Halide Lamps - 75W

    Vertical Divergence
    Variable with choice of lamps (see Effective Intensity Tables)

    DC - 9 to 36VDC

    AC - 120 or 240VAC, 50/60Hz

    Rotation Periods

    16 rotation periods, field selectable

    Standard Periods - 120, 90, 72, 60, 48, 40, 30, 24, 20, 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 seconds per revolution

    ± 1 %
    Temperature Range (ambient)
    -40° C to +55° C
    1308mm (51.5”)
    680mm (26.8”)
    110kg (238lb)
    Recommended Service Intervals for the following:
    Drive Assembly (Motor) Bearings - 25 years
    Blank or transparent lenses are available for replacements or for special configurations

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.