Our cost effective Class 3 solution
300 x 300

The SolaMAX-3 is a “smart” self-contained lantern capable of ranges up to 3NM covering a variety of applications.

Its lightweight and compact design makes it the ideal self-contained lantern for small marker buoys, docks, marinas and aquaculture sites and provides years of maintenance-free operation. Revolutionary optics and high efficiency solar panels make the SolaMAX-3 even more suitable for northern latitudes and low solar radiation applications.

The “smart” built-in controller allows for full monitoring and control functions via an infrared controller. Historical data can also be downloaded onto a PC for archiving and report generation.

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  • Features
    • Options of battery capacity for demanding locations
    • Optional GPS synchronisation module
    • Available in all IALA approved colours
    • 256 user selectable flash characters
    • Constant current power source for maximum LED lifetime
    • Magnetic On/Off Switch for quick deployment and hassle free storage maintenance check
    • User selectable power and flash character settings via an optional IR controller
    • Battery test and lantern health check via IR controller
    • Features data collection and configuration via a 2-way Infrared port
    • Data storage & transfer to a PC via handheld controller
  • Specifications
    Colours Available

    Red, green, yellow, white

    360° horizon (omnidirectional)
    Vertical Divergence > 8°
    Monitor and Control Capable via handheld IR controller
    Data Reports Connect to PC via optional IR receiver
    Flash Codes Up to 256 codes, field selectable
    Synchronisation Optional GPS
    Sunswitch Threshold 300 lux (100 – 2000 lux Adjustable)
    Operation Temperature -10° to +70°C
    Response Code AZ, 0-9, NW, NE, SW, SE
    Battery Type Lithium Ion (self-protection)
    Weight (varies by battery option) 4kg max
    Height 225mm (8.85in)
    Solar Panels Solar Panels Scratch resistant
    Battery Capacity Options of 15.6Ah and 26Ah
    Base Mounting 3 or 4 bolts, 200mm (7.88in) bolt circle
    IP Rating IP 68
    Base and Main Housing UV resistant molded polycarbonate

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.