Class B Offshore Structure

As the Class A, the Class B is USCG approved and now used widely around the world
300 x 300

Tideland’s Class B Single Lift system is a self-contained solar-powered light/fog signal unit. This unit is ideal for marking remote marine obstructions, such as wellheads, reefs or offshore rocks where mains power is unavailable. The Class B Single Lift system meets or exceeds requirements for use in areas that require a 2NM white light and a 1/2NM fog signal.

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  • Features

    Tideland’s ML-155 MaxLumina® features its patented 155 mm acrylic Fresnel lens incorporating 38 optical elements.

    Flasher / Lampchangers
    The Class B Single Lift ML-155 lantern utilises either Tideland’s TF-3B MicroPower OMNIBUS® II, a completely automatic solid-state flasher and six-place lampchanger, or RETRO flasher, an LED replacement light source.

    Fog Signal
    Tideland’s AB-26 Audiobeam®, U.S. Coast Guardapproved 1/2NM fog signal, with ECU-660 electronics, broadcasts a 360° sound beam in the horizon plane with a preselected code. This audible aid complies with the recommendations of IALA and is UL Listed for Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous locations.

    Three 40 watt solar panels and seven V12MF energy cells (enclosed in a watertight fiberglass FG-12 battery box). The electric energy output from the solar generator battery is separate for the fog signal and the marine lantern. The energy system is sized for standalone service for continuous year-round operation.

    Full monitor and control access

    All approved IALA colours available.