VVIVA V12MF Secondary Energy Cell

Proven in marine applications, don't settle for less, 4 to 5 year battery life in extreme temperatures
300 x 300

VIVA® V12MF is a maintenance-free secondary energy cell suitable for operation with solar electric generators or as a secondary energy cell with an AC operated battery charger. Quality construction means a long service life in the harsh demands of marine use.

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  • Features
    • No need to add water
    • Triple-sealed terminals keep electrolyte in the energy cell and assure battery withstands brief upset without corrosive or caustic spillage (Shipping Classification UN2794)
    • Liquid-gas separator returns any liquid to reservoir
    • Case constructed of resilient, heavy-duty, reinforced polypropylene
    • Factory-sealed cover protects against electrolyte contamination
    • Grip plates are highly resistant to internal corrosion
    • Special plate chemistry prolongs life in cycling applications
    • Extrusion-fusion intercell connections minimise open-cell occurrences
    • Cell elements are secured with thermoplastic anchors for vibration resistance
  • Specifications
    Output Rating 12 volts nominal
    Capacity 105Ah
    Maximum Charge Rate* 25 amperes for 4 hours, tapering to 2 amperes for 4 hours
    Terminals 0.375in – 16 UNC threaded studs
    Shipping Dimensions Length - 322mm ( 12.7in )
    Width - 170mm (6.7in)
    Height - 220mm (8.7in)
    Weight - 26kg (57lb)

    *from completely discharged condition

    For added safety, the V12MF contains a built-in flame arrestor to reduce hazard due to external ignition of evolved gases, and has been spark-tested according to BCI recommended test procedures for battery safety vents

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.