SS01, 02, 03X Battery Enclosures - Hazardous Area

Stainless and galvanised steel
300 x 300

Tideland Signal’s Exe battery enclosures are designed for harsh environments and are suitable for Zone 1 hazardous areas. The enclosures are fully ventilated to ensure that any hydrogen gas released remains below 50% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) within the enclosure while having ingress protection of IP56 making them suitable for outdoor installation.

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  • Features
    • Fabricated from 316L stainless steel or galvanised steel
    • Lead acid battery capacities are between 165Ah and 495Ah (subject to voltage and discharge rate)
    • Supplied complete with all internal links and covers
    • Hinged padlockable lid to prevent access by unauthorised personnel
    • Internally lined to prevent electrical contact with the enclosure
    • 12 and 24 volt versions available (subject to capacity)
    • IP56 to EN60529
    • II 2 G Exe II T6 to EN60079-7

    ​EN 60079-0 part 23.2 states that “batteries incorporated into explosion protected equipment should be formed from cells connected in series.” Therefore battery strings must be isolated via diodes or similar devices external to the battery box, to avoid paralleling of batteries when greater capacity is required.

    Refer to instruction manual or certificate for details of maximum charging voltages and currents.

    Additional mounting rails, in galvanised steel or stainless steel to provide external mounting points are available on request.

    In some of the worlds harshest environments where safety and power continuity are paramount, that is where you will find Tideland Remote Power Systems.

  • Specifications
    Size Size 01 Size 02 Size 03
    Dimension A 470mm 652mm 856mm
    Dimension B 368mm 498mm 677mm
    Dimension C 448mm 448mm 448mm
    Dimension D 301mm 468mm 468mm
    Dimension E 207mm 300mm  
    Weight Empty 31.0kg 44.0kg 82.0kg


    Size Setup Configuration Nominal Voltage Total Weight (incl. batteries)
    Size 01 Battery 1 x 165Ah Individual battery 12V 71kg
    Size 02 Battery 2 x 165Ah Two individual batteries 12V 124kg
    Battery 2 x 165Ah Series connected pair 24V  124kg
    Size 03 Battery 4 x 165Ah  Four individual batteries 12V  242kg
    Battery 4 x 165Ah
    Two series connected pairs 24V  242kg 
    Battery 6 x 165Ah  Six individual batteries  12V  322kg
    Battery 6 x 165Ah  Three series connected pairs 12V  322kg

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.