Hazardous Area Remote Power Systems

Remote power systems to meet the requirements of ATEX (CAT II) and (CAT III) hazardous areas
300 x 300

Tideland Signal (Tideland) designs and supplies remote power systems to meet the requirements of ATEX (CAT II) and (CAT III) hazardous areas. Built around Tideland’s Ex certified PV Modules and battery boxes the balance of system components such as charge controllers and power distribution are designed and built specifically to meet the clients requirements. Together with support structures, cables and glands Tideland is able to supply the customer with a complete package that is ready for installation on or offshore.

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  • Features

    Charge Controllers
    Tideland charge controllers are based around PWM (pulse width modulation), maximum power point tracking and battery tracking charge control units manufactured by world leading companies in this field. Exd enclosures are available in low copper aluminium alloy or 316 stainless steel.

    All Tideland charge controllers are available with local indication plus digital, analogue and RS232 / RS485 outputs to interface with site RTU systems.

    Power Distribution
    As part of the solar power supply system Tideland also supplies power distribution equipment which can include voltage regulation, auxiliary battery chargers, and distribution panels incorporating MCB’s and MCCB’s.