90Ex and 180Ex Zone 1 Solar Panels

GMU, UL and Ex rated panels available, designed for use with all Tideland products
300 x 300

Tideland's 90Ex and 180Ex Solar PV Modules are ATEX certified for Zone 1 Installation. 

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  • Features

    Tideland's 90Ex and 180Ex (90Wp and 180Wp Nominal Power) ATEX certified Solar PV Modules use high output 125 x 125 monocrystalline cells laminated between two sheets of heat strengthened glass.

    The aluminum frame is hard anodized with a dichromate seal giving a film thickness of 30 – 60 microns. This has a high resistance to sea water making the modules ideally suited for offshore and areas with a salt laden atmosphere.

    Blocking diodes are incorporated into the module laminations.

    An IP66 glass fiber reinforced polyester junction box containing four terminals to accept 1.5 to 6mm conductors and two M20 cable entries is mounted on the rear of the module.

  • Specifications
    Specification PV90Ex PV180Ex
    Nominal Voltage 12V 24V
    Nominal Power 90Wp 180Wp
    Open Circuit Voltage 22.27V 44.44V
    Maximum Power Point Voltage 18.24V 36.80V
    Maximum Power Point Current 5.0 Amps 5.00 Amps
    Short Circuit Current 5.31 Amps 5.36 Amps
    Maximum System Voltage 500V
    Operating Temperature Range -20 to +55 Deg. C
    Maximum Series Fuse
    Lifetime Expectancy
    25 years
    Temperature Coefficient V -0.36%/Deg. C
    Temperature Coefficient I  0.04%/Deg. C

    The PV90Ex and the PV180Ex are produced in accordance with IEC 61215
    Hazardous Area Certification by BASEEFA in accordance with EN60079-0, EN60079-7 & EN60079-18
    Classification and Protection: II2G ExembII T4
    Certificate Number: BASEEFA 13ATEX0295x

    Electrical Parameters at SSTC (1000Wm², AM 1.5 spectrum, cell temperature 25°C)

    Mounting - The modules are supplied with fixing clamps for securing to the support structure. This method of fixing avoids the need for rear access to the support structure. Refer to installation and maintenance manual for full details.

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.