NavLink RMC-3 Module

Ideal for use on a buoy or platform to communicate remote monitoring data
300 x 300

RMC-3, a compact monitor and control unit, is optimised for light weight and low power operation. RMC-3 collects and forwards AtoN data to the NavTERM® software. RMC-3 can be installed, for example, on a small isolated buoy with limited battery capacity, yet still provide reliable full-time monitor and control for all AtoN equipment.

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  • Features
    • Stainless Steel Enclosure - A 316 stainless steel (NEMA 4X, IP65) enclosure is standard to the RMC-3 and is ideal for remote environmentally harsh locations. Enclosure will provide protection from surrounding electromagnetic fields that could damage internal electronics.
    • Configured to Monitor and Control – Tideland can configure any combination of AtoN connections and attach AtoN devices up to RMC-3 built-in limits. All configured input connections are field selected to report on exception with Authority parameters establishing AtoN warning and alarm status.
    • Built-In Lightning Protection - All circuitry is lightning protected and RMC-3 comes provided with an earth-grounding stud.
    • Inputs/Outputs - RMC-3 contains four analog and four digital input channels for external input channels for general monitoring use.
    • Six Communication Channels - RMC-3 has channels available to handle any communications requirement. For example, one channel may be used for on-board GPS option.
    • In-The-Field Diagnostics - NavLINK ’s Field Configuration Utility (FCU) allows the setup, upgrades, diagnosing and fault finding of the RMC-3 and its devices in the field using a laptop computer.
    • Communication Modules - The NavLINK communication modules serve as the hardware level port between the AtoN monitoring system and monitor and control location and/ or Authority base station. Communication modules support the following mediums: VHF/UHF, dial-up modem, IP, direct, cellular telephone, satellite or AIS information system.
  • Specifications
    Communication Channels

    RS-232 - 2 channels

    ASCII Sync - 2 channels

    RS-485 - 1 channel

    Analog Inputs

    Four (4); 0 to 40VDC, 10-bit resolution;

    input impedance – 100k ohms

    Digital Inputs
    Four (4); 0 to 40VDC (0 to 25VAC); input impedance – 5k ohms
    Digital Outputs
    Switched 5V DC power

    Input Voltage - 9 to 36VDC

    Input Power - 0.6W max

    Operating Temperature
    -40° C to +70° C
    Stainless Steel Enclosure

    Mechanical - 316 stainless steel, NEMA 4x

    Protection - IP65


    Variant 1

    Height - 320mm (12.6in)

    Width - 280mm (10.9in)

    Depth - 140mm (5.5in)

    Weight - 8kg (17.6lb)

    Variant 2

    Height - 360mm (14.0in)

    Width - 410mm (16.0in

    Depth - 160mm (6.2in)

    Weight - 13kg (28.7lb)

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.