Completely automatic solid-state flasher and six-place lampchanger
300 x 300

TF-3B is a completely automatic solid-state flasher and six-place lampchanger for use in Tideland Signal marine signal lanterns. It is also compatible with most other manufacturers’ lampchangers.

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  • Features
    • LAMPCHANGER – A moisture protected stepper motor provides necessary torque to rotate a six-place lamp turret. This unit is suitable for lamps rated from 2 to 70 watts. An optional high temperature lamp turret is available when using lamps rated 70 to 110 watts. All contacts are gold-plated for corrosion resistance and long life.
    • PROGRAMMING MODES – TF-3B provides 256 preprogrammed flash code characters that can be synchronised to flash in unison with other lights with the same flash code selected and synchronising terminals connected. In the event that one or more lights fail, remaining lights continue to flash in synchronisation. Tideland’s optional SignalView allows for easy user programming from a laptop/PC or by optional radio remote controller.
    • REMOTE MONITOR AND CONTROL – MicroPower OMNIBUS® II circuit allows for monitor and report status of the following via Tideland’s NavLink® system: status of operating lamp, number of lamps remaining, battery voltage (loaded and unloaded), sunswitch, active flash code, alternate flash code, flash code setting, lamp fuse, solar voltage, lamp current and rotation period (if used in rotating beacon). Available control functions include: switch to alternate flash code, override sunswitch, recount good lamps, variable voltage to lamp (optional).
  • Specifications
    Input Voltage
    9 to 36VDC
    Quiescent Current
    < 6mA
    Lamp Power Regulation
    ± 2% over 12 to 36VDC and -40° C to +70° C
    Power Output

    Standard - 70W maximum

    High Temperature - 110W maximum

    Current Monitor
    ± 10%
    Flash Codes
    Up to 256 codes, field selectable or via serial communication link
    ASCII serial sync, Positive pulse and Negative pulse
    Monitor and Control
    Single-contact prefocused
    Operating Temperature
    -40° C to +70° C
    Sunswitch Threshold
    (Adjustable) 10 to 400 lux
    Timing Accuracy
    Within 1%
    Real Time Clock Accuracy
    ± 1 minute/month at 25° C
    Relative Humidity
    5% to 100%, non-condensing
    Lampchanger Motor Current
    800 milliamperes
    Contacts on Lampchanger
    Rated 110W

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.