RL-200 and RLED-200 MaxLumina

Clients who have purchased this range light always return for its high efficiency, simple installation and cost effective design
300 x 300

RL-200 range lanterns are used to mark entrance channels, rivers, canals and straight reaches of channel across bays. With two RL-200s, one positioned above and behind the other, navigators can establish the channel center line by keeping the lights vertically aligned.

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  • Features
    • Optics are factory focused prior to shipment Supports all industry standard flasher/lampchangers
    • Lenses available in all IALA approved colours
    • Range lantern is strong, lightweight and highly resistant to all weather conditions
    • Hood assembly opens from back for easy access
    • Utilises either Tideland’s TF-3B MicroPower OMNIBUS® II six-place incandescent flasher/lampchanger or MLED-RETRO flasher, an LED replacement light source
    • Aiming sights within hood are used for azimuth alignment
    • Leveling hardware factory supplied
    • Full monitor and control access

    Optional Features

    • A 229mm (9in) tall swivel pedestal is available to facilitate aiming
    • To maintain flash synchronisation of two or more RL-200 range lanterns, specify Tideland’s GPS based automatic system