New to the range, a tough and efficient ice buoy lantern
300 x 300

The NOVA-IB is specifically designed for use on an ice buoy or spar type river buoy. Manufactured from heavy-duty bronze with a strong acrylic lens, the NOVA-IB is highly efficient and naturally completely waterproof. For the occasions when it is pulled under ice or pulled under water from floating debris, Tideland offers a tilting control option that will turn the light off to increase efficiency.

Rated at IP68, The NOVA-IB is available in all IALA colors and has a 10 degree vertical divergence with ranges of up to 7 or 8NM depending upon color of choice. It has a “best in class” performance rating and is up to 50% more efficient than comparable products.

The NOVA-IB has a wide input voltage range of 12V to 30V DC and is compatible with most primary battery packs. Designed with greater efficiency, the NOVA-IB will outlast other products and provide options to select a greater NM range.

Potential debris may cause considerable damage to conventional buoys and lanterns. Trials have shown that using a spar type buoy with a NOVA-IB can limit damage. On most ice buoys, debris builds up against the buoy until it is pushed under, whereby using a spar type buoy with a NOVA-IB, tests have shown the debris floats over and the buoy returns to its normal position.

NOVA-IB can also be programmed with a simple remote control that is also available as an option.

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  • Specifications
    Buoys or beacons
    Lens Material / Type
    Acrylic type PMMA200
    Lantern Base Bronze
    Lantern Top Bronze
    Optional Birdspike Stainless steel spring-type
    Flasher 256 pre-programmed IALA flash codes
    Connection PUR cable, standard length 3 metres
    Cable Entry Cable gland PG13.5, brass, nickel plated
    Sunswitch Internal
    Horizontal Spread 360 degrees
    Vertical Divergence

    1 Tier - > 24 degrees at 10%

    2 Tier - 10 degrees at 50%

    Max. Intensity at T=0.74 7 to 8NM
    4NM Flashed at 0.5 Second White 1.39W, Green 1.72W, Red 2.29W
    5NM Flashed at 0.5 Second White 2.83W, Green 3.611W, Red 4.72W
    Voltage Range 12-30VDC
    Protection Class IP68
    Lantern Mounting 6 x 10mm holes, 265mm pitch circle
    Weight 11kg

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.