From 11 to 18NM range with the best possible efficiency
300 x 300

NOVA-250 features unique proprietary optics engineered to project a 360°, horizontal, high-intensity, long range beam, in excess of 15NM at 115W of power and over 18NM for NOVA-250-3 (White 3-Tier) at a transmissivity factor of 0.74.

An efficient and compact lens provides a vertical divergence of 2.4 degrees making it the industry choice for a broad range of applications including offshore structures, land-based installations and lighthouse upgrades.

Constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant marine aluminum, NOVA-250 is able to withstand the most severe environments, including icing regions at extreme latitudes. A combination of high efficiency optics, power conditioning circuitry and high intensity LEDs makes NOVA-250 ideal for solar power installations.

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  • Features
    • User selectable intensity settings
    • User selectable flash characters
    • Full monitor and control capable
    • Multiple channel power supplies assure light operations are sustained in the event of failure of one channel
    • A constant current power source provides maximum lifetime of LEDs
    • SignalView™ program for easy setting of options
  • Specifications
    Input Voltage 9 to 36VDC
    NOVA-250 (White 1Tier) >15NM
    NOVA-250-2 (White 2 Tier) >17.5NM
    NOVA-250-3 (White 3 Tier) >18NM
    Maximum rated power at 50% duty cycle
    White (1 Tier) Variable up to 115W
    White (3 Tier) Variable up to 390W
    Red (2 Tier) Variable up to 135W
    Green (2 Tier) Variable up to 146W
    Quiescent Current
    Light Only < 4 mA
    with GPS (avg) < 5 mA
    Colours Available White, red, green, and yellow
    Lens Type Aspheric toroidal acrylic
    Visibility 360° horizon (omnidirectional)
    Lens Diameter 243mm
    Vertical Divergence 2.4°
    Monitor and Control Capable
    Lantern Housing Marine grade aluminium
    1 Tier 445mm (17.5in)
    2 Tier 561mm (22.1in)
    3 Tier 677mm (26.7in)
    1 Tier 12kg (27lbs)
    2 Tier 22.3kg (49lbs)
    3 Tier 32.5kg (72lbs)
    Base Plate Diameter 230mm (9.1in)
    Operating Temperature -40° C to +60° C
    Relative Humidity 100% condensing
    Wind Designed to withstand speeds in excess of 320kmph (200 mph)
    IP Rating IP67
    Shock 75G
    Vibration 10 to 2000Hz on 3-axis
    ESD 4kV/8kV
    Radiated Emissions 30MHz to 1GHz
    Radiated Immunity 80MHz - 1GHz, 3V/m
    Radiated Immunity 2GHz - 2.7GHz, 1V/m

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.