Designed specifically as a 10NM back-up light
300 x 300

MLED-150Ex brings the benefits of LED technology, low power, high reliability and low maintenance, to the Zone 1 environment. The flasher and optical source assembly, designated MaxiHALO-150, is designed after the proven MaxiHALO-60.

The MaxiHALO-150 is installed in a rugged Exd well glass housing used in the rigors of offshore atmospheres. The MLED- 150Ex is compatible with current Tideland Signal lanterns and is configurable as a Secondary (Standby) light. When used in a main and secondary pair installation, the Secondary light monitors the Main light and, upon failure, automatically begins operation. Onboard software constantly monitors operation of the MLED- 150Ex and initiates an alarm signal if critical operation parameters are exceeded. The MLED-150Ex produces an omnidirectional beam of 10NM visual range with T = 0.74 (16NM with T = 0.85).

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  • Features
    • User selectable power settings
    • 256 user selectable flash characters
    • Temperature compensated LED drive circuits ensure uniform brightness with changes in ambient temperature
    • Full monitor and control capability
    • Fail output terminal for go/no go monitoring
    • Constant current power source maximises LED life
    • Optional GPS synchronisation module
  • Specifications
    Input Voltage 9 to 36VDC
    Power Consumption Variable up to 20W
    Power Setting Field Selectable
    Colours Available Red, green, yellow, white and blue
    Quiescent Current < 7mA
    Visibility 360° horizon (omnidirectional)
    Vertical Divergence 3.7°
    Monitor and Control Capable
    Flash Codes 256 codes
    Synchronisation GPS or hard wire options
    Sunswitch Threshold Variable
    Weight 15kg (33lb)
    Operating Temperature -40° C to +60° C
    Relative Humidity 100% condensing
    Atmosphere Rated for operation in salt air
    Wind Designed to withstand speeds in excess of 320 kmph (200 mph)
    IP Rating IP66
    Base Cast Aluminium
    Outer Lens Tempered Glass

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.