For platforms, buoys and bridges the ML-140 continues its popularity
300 x 300

Tideland’s ML-140 lantern is ideal for use as an aid to navigation wherever a wide-angle vertical divergence light beam is required.

The use of wider light beams is recognised as an important factor in compensating for buoy roll. Visibility is also improved in locations, such as high bridges, where there may be extreme differences in the angle of observation at various ranges. The ML-140 is a single-piece injection moulding of acrylic with Fresnel optics specially designed to increase beam divergence in the vertical plane. Rigorous Tideland Signal guidelines for precise manufacture produce an excellent lens-to-lamp ratio, enabling the ML-140 to meet required luminous intensity levels while consuming less power.

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  • Features
    • Accommodates all Tideland standard incandescent flasher/ lampchangers and MLED-RETRO, an LED replacement light source
    • Supports all industry standard flasher/lampchangers
    • Lenses available in all approved IALA colours
    • Light and durable, designed for long term use in the harshest marine environments
    • Lens secured to the base through an integral hinge and sixpoint fastener system, and will not open due to wind or ice buildup
    • Cable glands and connectors factory supplied
    • Full monitor and control access with Tideland Signal flasher
    • Lens are dimensionally stable and will not discolour with age