LC-70 Lampchanger

Offers remote monitor and control capability through transmission of serial data and sync signals
300 x 300

Tideland Signal’s LC-70 lampchanger utilises a 75-watt high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide lamp that produces a light with a range in excess of 24 NM when used in the TRB- 400 MaxLumina® gearless drive rotation beacon.

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  • Features
    • HID metal halide lamps provide long service life and high efficiency
    • Special operations to maintain HID lamps provided by a robust three-place lamp turret and electronic control circuit
    • HID lamps, rated life of 6,000 hours, give LC-70 low maintenance service with a combined lamp life of over 3-1/2 years under normal conditions
    • Commutator housing is high temperature fiberglass reinforced plastic, safely shielding user from high voltages
    • Stepper motors use induction techniques rather than brushed, conserving power, increasing reliability and service life
    • Full monitor and control access
    • Microcontroller manages all high level functions

    ​Features - Main Control and Microcontroller

    • Records lamp burntime
    • Monitors position and optical sensors
    • Controls turret
    • Communicates with external monitor
    • Monitors rotation, assuring that rotation speed matches settings

    ​The main control unit allows the lamp to light if the following conditions exist:

    • Sunswitch indicates nighttime, or turn on command has been issued via communication program
    • Turn off command has not been issued via communication program
    • No detected failures
    • Not configured as standby lantern which is paired with main lantern

    The main control unit will turn off power to the lamp if one of the following conditions occurs:

    • Lens carousel rotation failure
    • No good lamps left

    ​Like many of Tideland Signal’s lampchangers, the LC-70 offers remote monitor and control capability through transmission of serial data and sync signals via Tideland’s OMNICOMM or NavLink® systems.

    When redundancy is required, the TRB-400 equipped with an LC-70 can be paired with another Tideland lantern as a standby lantern that can automatically begin flashing in the event the TRB-400 fails.

  • Specifications
    Input Voltage
    21 to 33VDC
    Quiescent Current
    Lantern Power Consumption
    70 watt Metal Halide
    Lamp Type
    Ushio UHI-S75 DWS/UVP
    Operating Temperature
    -40° C to +70° C
    Relative Humidity
    5% to 100%, non-condensing
    Sunswitch Threshold
    30 lux to 90 lux
    Position Sensors
    Magnetic Hall-Effect
    Optical Sensor
    Silicon Phototransistor

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.