L-110, L-120 and L-130

For ranges up to 3NM at an affordable price
300 x 300

Tideland Signal offers a unique range of 1 to 3NM self-contained lanterns, the L-110, L-120 and L-130. All lanterns are ideal for small marker buoys, docks, marinas and aquaculture sites.

Available in all IALA colours, including blue, and can be programmed to any required flash character. These lightweight and completely waterproof lanterns feature UV-stabilized Lexan® polycarbonate and stainless steel construction, easy to install, and will provide years of maintenance free operation.

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  • Features
    • Cost effective enhancement to marine safety
    • Easy installation, just bolts down
    • Lightweight design fits any small buoy
    • Proprietary optics provide best in class beam quality
    • Advanced charge management system
    • Easy battery replacement
    • All are available with optional accessories including programmer and spare battery packs
  • Specifications
    Amber, Red, Green, White, and Blue
    Flash Characters
    Up to 256
    Expected Service Life
    15 years (battery replacement approximately 5 years)
    Lens Material
    UV-stabilized Lexan® polycarbonate
    Stainless Steel
    Temperature Range
    -25° C to -+70° C
    2 years as standard
    Nominal Range

    L-110 - 1NM

    L-120 - 2NM

    L-130 - 3NM

    Vertical Divergence

    L-110 - 12 degrees

    L-120 - 10 degrees

    L-130 - 10 degrees

    L-110 - 0.25kg (0.6lb)

    L-120 - 0.84kg (1.14lb)

    L-130 - 1.29kg (2.14lb)

    L-110 - 127mm (5.0”) wide 90mm (3.6”) high

    L-120 - 178mm (7.0”) wide 133mm (5.2”) high

    L-130 - 178mm (7.0”) wide 133mm (5.2”) high

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.