6-, 12-Volt and 120 VAC Lamps

Tideland provides a wide range of standard marine lamps and specialised lamps
300 x 300

All 6- and 12-volt lamps from Tideland are single-contact, prefocused marine signal lamps used with standard Tideland lampchangers. For 120 VAC operation, Tideland supplies lamps compatible with its 120 VAC lampchangers and lampholders.

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  • Features

    6- and 12-Volt Lamps

    Used with standard Tideland lampchangers in the ML-300 lantern, RL-125 and RL-355 range lanterns, TRB-220 and TRB-400 rotating beacons. In ML-155 and ML-140 lanterns, only S-8 and smaller envelope sizes (T-3.5, T-2.6, T-2.4) can be used.

    All 6-volt and 12-volt lamps can be used with the TF- 3B MicroPower OMNIBUS® II flasher/lampchanger. For the TF- 3AC flasher/lampchanger (AC input, DC output), however, the largest lamp current allowed is a 12-volt, 0.77 ampere lamp.

    120-Volt Lamps

    The LC- 300 lampchanger uses DC Bayonet Base lamps. The TL-1000 lampchanger uses Mogul Base CC-HALO filament lamps (either Mogul Bipost or Mogul Quad Post), but the TL-1000 SL lampholder uses Mogul Bipost lamps only. In a single-lamp holder used in ML-155 or ML-140 lantern, a common, medium screw socket holds a medium screw-base lamp.