Large sea buoy companion to the very successful SB-138P Sentinel® buoy
300 x 300

This buoy meets Tideland’s goal in developing high performance, low maintenance marine aids to navigation. Deployed in over 50 countries, this buoy utilizes the latest in materials, manufacturing processes and technology, which provides a rugged, lightweight buoy with exceptional station keeping and long life, while reducing the long term maintenance expense of floating aids to navigation. 

Diameter:  2.5m

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  • Features

    UV-Stabilised Polyethylene
    Rotationally moulded to form a tough, 12.7mm thick body. Prior to moulding, colour pigment is blended into polyethylene material eliminating the need for costly sandblasting and continued painting. Through a unique mould design and a controlled process, an increased thickness is formed at major stress points. This polyethylene material will also repel marine growth.

    Divided into Three Sections
    A float section, middle superstructure section and top section form an abrasion resistant, shock absorbing buoy able to withstand knocks and/or collisions. In event of damage, individual sections can be easily replaced on the deck of a buoy tender, at sea.

    Matching or Alternating Sections
    Bifurcation buoys can be easily made, either red or green as needed. Cardinal buoys can be assembled using the same method with yellow and black sections. Fairway or Safe Water buoys are produced using a process of moulded in colour graphics, resulting in red and white vertical striping.

    2.5 Metre Diameter Float Section
    Utilises 316 stainless steel tube ‘skeleton’ to support (4) 1/4 float sections with 12.7mm thick walls. These unsinkable sections are filled with polystyrene beads. The float sections are then sealed and placed into a steam-chest to expand the foam beads to maximum size, fusing the beads together. This process results in one solid piece, completely filling all voids, preventing water ingress in the event of puncture, adding toughness to an already rugged floating aid.

    Eight (8) AGM spill-proof batteries configured for 12 volts are housed in middle superstructure section. This section includes a hinged, tamper-proof, watertight service hatch.

    NAVAID Top Section
    This section can support (4) 90 watt solar modules. Configurations of solar modules can vary depending on electrical load and average solar insulation for area of deployment. An internal high gain passive radar reflector (10m2) and hard-anodised aluminium lantern guard, if needed, are also included. All additional internal optional equipment is also fitted into this section.

  • Specifications
    Construction Rotationally moulded in low density UV-stabilised virginpolyethylene, covering a 316 marine grade stainless steel frame
    Foam Filling 16kg/m3 expanded
    Air Weight 2400kg (5300lb)
    Diameter 2500mm (8ft 2in)
    Nominal Focal Plane Height 4100mm (13ft 6in)
    Optional Extended Focal Plane 4800mm (15ft 9in)
    Draft 1400mm (4ft 6in)
    Freeboard 700mm (2ft 4in)
    Submergence 51kg/cm (286lb/in)
    Radar Reflector 10m2 (X-band)
    Radar Range, nominal 4 to 5NM
    Visual Area Can shape - 5.5m2 (61ft2)  Nun Shape - 4.5m2 (40 ft2)
    Colour As Specified
    Maximum Mooring Load 1575kg (3500lb)
    Maximum Current 6 knots

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.