SB-2.2 & 3.0

Most popular as a cost effective channel marker buoy which may include local manufacture
300 x 300

The SB-2.2 and SB-3.0 are some of the latest additions to Tideland’s range of buoy products. With more than 60 years of experience, Tideland is able to offer varying solutions for specific customer requirements. This unique design utilises the latest materials in float construction. The design is rugged with exceptional performance and is designed for minimal maintenance and long life.

Diameter:  2.2m & 3.0m

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  • Features

    Four (4) Tough Polyethylene Float Sections
    These form the heart of the buoy. Colour pigment is compounded into virgin polyethylene which is further enhanced by Tideland’s unique, UV18 stabilizer. Results are outstanding in terms of colour retention and physical strength that resists damage. Unique mould design and control process ensure a homogeneous profile with an increased thickness in high stress areas. This polyethylene also assists in repelling marine growth.

    A Single Counter Weight
    Manufactured from cast steel and fixed to the base by a strong, yet simple, technique. This allows counterweight attachment within minutes during buoy deployment.

    Galvanised Steel Hull Frame
    Fitted with four lifting eyes and two mooring eyes. The design allows each of the hull sections to be easily fitted and quickly replaced if damaged. As an option, the hull frame is also available in stainless steel.

    Top Superstructure comprises several options including:

    •  A simple galvanized frame with an integral ladder rated for over 200kgs
    •  A galvanized steel frame clad in polyethylene panels to improve day time visibility
    •  A complete polyethylene tower
    • There are also pre-designed holes for mounting solar panels and battery boxes in the base. Options include painting the superstructure to match hull float sections, as well as a stainless steel version. The superstructure can be removed from the core for maintenance purposes.

    Day marks, top marks, solar panels, battery box and battery pack, AIS AtoN, racon,along with a buoy monitoring system utilising VHF, GSM, or satellite communication links.

  • Specifications
    Buoy Model SB-2.2 SB-3.0
    Tower Construction Galvanized Steel Polyethylene Galvanized Steel Polyethylene
    Tower Height 119in (3023mm) 90.6in (2306mm) 193in (4094mm) 160in (4060mm)
    Nominal Focal Plane Height 150in (3810mm) 130in (3302mm) Up to 239in (5260mm) Up to 206in (5225mm)
    Visual Area 37.68ft3 (3.5m3) 34.44ft3 (3.2m3) 43ft2 (4m2) 38.7ft2 (3.6m2)
    Air Weight 4,322lb (1,960kg) 4,233lb (1,920kg) 7,114lb (3,227kg) 6,894lb (3,127kg)
    Diameter 86in (2200mm) 118in (3000mm)
    Foam Filling 2lbs/ft3 (32kg/m3) 2lbs/ft3 (32kg/m3)
    Nominal Freeboard 24in (610mm) 29in (736mm)
    Draft 72in (1828mm) 102in (2590mm)
    Hull Construction Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
    Float Construction Rotationally moulded polyethylene, 12.5mm thick Rotationally moulded polyethylene, 12.5mm thick
    Submergence 215lbs/in (38.4kg/cm) 406lbs/in (72kg/cm
    Radar Reflector 10m2 (X-band) 10m2 (X-band)
    Colour All IALA colours available All IALA colours available
    Maximum Mooring Load 5,163lbs (2,342kg) 10,950.7lbs (4,967kg)
    Maximum Current Up to 7 Knots Up to 7 Knots

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change. All dimensions are nominal.