A popular model in the Gulf of Mexico
300 x 300

AB-26 Audiobeam® is an electrically powered fog signal that automatically broadcasts a 360° beam of sound in the horizontal plane to a preselected code. It is UL listed as suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous locations and also certified for ATEX CAT3 EEx nL IIA locations. The AB-26 is United States Coast Guard approved. The IALA usual range for this fog signal is 1/2NM.

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  • Features

    Electronic Control Unit
    Contained within the hinged top section are the electronic controls utilising a patented solid-state power amplifier, a time delay circuit with threeposition switch and a unijunction control-led timer. Timer uses Tideland’s OMNIBUS® circuitry technology, which allows two or more fog signal units to be synchronised to sound sequentially or in unison.

    Electrodynamic Driver Units
    A heavy-duty driver powers a dualresonant emitter. Enclosed in the AB-26 weatherproof housing, it is engineered for efficiency and long on-station life, operating at less than 25% of rated capacity.

    The AB-26 structure is 5052-H32 aluminium with primer wash and Polane epoxy coating. The fog signal is completely assembled and wired, ready for field connection with 3/4-inch NPT cable entry and six 3/4-inch NPT UL-Listed NavGrip®

    AB-26 is designed for unattended operation from a source of 12 volts DC primary or secondary energy cells. It can be operated from Tideland’s SolaViva® solar power generator, or from mains power using a Tideland Signal power supply or charger and secondary energy cell.

    Additional Features

    • All recognised signal codes, available
    • All morse code letters
    • Precision frequency standard, accurate to 0.2%
    • Tideland patented solid-state dissipationless power regulator
    • Corrosion protection, provided by conformal coating
    • Off-time current drain 0.04 ampere maximum
    • AB-26 Audiobeam® comes with a one year warranty against defective material and workmanship
  • Specifications
    Range 1/2NM (Per 33 CFR 67.10 and usual range recommended by IALA)
    Input Voltage 10 – 14VDC
    Current @ 12VDC 2A maximum
    Output Frequency 660Hz
    SPL 120.5dB @ 1 metre
    Coding 2 sec ON, 18 sec OFF, standard setting or Morse code letter
    Environmental Marine Atmosphere; Temperature Range NEC Class I Division 2: -200 C to +400 C or -200 C to +550 C, the deciding factor is the Required “T” rating. T6 max temperature +550 C, T5 max0 C Temperature +400 C ATEX: Ambient -200 C to +400 C
    Weights Standalone 168.6kg (375lb)
    Shipping 208.6kg (460lb)

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.