Quality Management System Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 ISO Certification PDF
ITS 12 ATEXQ7635 ATEX Quality Assurance Notification PDF
Intertek GB/ITS/QAR12.0012/01 IECEx Quality Assessment Report PDF

Certified Equipment

Hazardous Area ​

Marine Lanterns Certification Download
MLED-300Ex ATEX Cat 3 (Zone 2) ITS 15ATEX 48383X
MLED-300Ex IECEx Zone 2 IECEx ITS 15.0039X PDF
MLED-150Ex, MLED-180Ex ATEX Cat 2 (Zone 1) INERIS 01ATEX0019X PDF
MLED-150Ex, MLED-180Ex IECEx Zone 1 IECEx INE 15.0031X PDF
Nova-65Ex, ATEX Cat 3 (Zone 2) DEMKO 15 ATEX 1321X PDF
Nova-65Ex, IECEx Zone 2 IECEx UL 15.0050X PDF
Fog Signals
AB-26 ATEX Cat 3 (Zone 2) ITS 15 ATEX 48369X PDF
AB-26 IECEx Zone 2 IECEx ITS 15.0058X PDF
AB-68 TDA-24450EX Driver, ATEX Cat 2, (Zone 1) ITS 09 ATEX 16405X PDF
AB-68 TDA-24450EX Driver, IECEx, Zone 1 IECExITS 14.0019X PDF
SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON
SBCN-2 Ex, ATEX Cat 2, (Zone 1) ITS 16 ATEX 18410X PDF
SBCN-2 Ex, IECEx, Zone 1 IECEx ITS 16.0007X PDF
SBCN-2 System 6 CID2 ETL Intertek Cert 4007714 and CSA PDF
Battery Systems
SS-1000X Battery System ATEX Cat 2 (Zone 1) ITS 10ATEX 37003X PDF
SS-1000X Battery System IECEx Zone 1 IECEx ITS 16.0016X PDF
SS/GS-##X Battery System, ATEX Cat 2 (Zone 1) ITS 09ATEX 36306X PDF
SS/GS-##X Battery System, IECEx Zone 1 IECEx ITS 16.0017X PDF

 American Bureau Of Shipping

MLED-180 HI Ex and MLED-150Ex Product Design Assessment PDF


SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON


Industrial Member of IALA Firm Certification PDF

 Industry Canada

Industry Canada
SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON


SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON
Certificado de Homologación Provisional 

 US Coast Guard Approvals

Marine Lanterns
Approval of navigation lights for use on unmanned barges not equipped with machinery for the generation of electricity. ML-155 w/ 12 V, 0.25 amps and 12 V, 0.55 amp lamps PDF
NOVA 65 & SolaNOVA 65 PDF
Fog Signals
AB 560 and AB 26 PDF


 Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

E78238 (GMU) Metallic Outlet Boxes PDF
E71104 (GMU) Power and Control Tray Cable Connectors PDF
E52041 (Class 1, Division 2) Fog Signals: AB-26, and AB-560, Lanterns: ML-140, ML-155, ML-300, MLED-140, MLED-155, MLED-300 with MaxiHALO 60 II, Nova-65, Nova-65HI and SolaNova-65 PDF