Power Systems

Tideland Power Systems lead the way in the field of bespoke electrical and mechanical engineering projects. Whatever the challenge we have the expertise and skill to create the solution.

We have decades of experience in designing, building and installing electrical control systems for a wide range of applications. Tideland has particular expertise in building control and monitoring systems for the offshore navigation sector alongside solar charged remote power units for deployment all over the globe.

  • Remote Power
    ps-offshore-platform-1.jpgOur remote systems deliver continued and reliable power in some of the world’s harshest environments.

    By combining extensive experience in electrical engineering, design and solar PV systems, Tideland Remote Power has built up an abundance of practical applications experience. From wellhead controls to cathodic protection, these control and monitoring systems are specifically designed to suit customer specifications all over the world, in both safe and hazardous area locations.
  • Offshore Platform Systems
    Remote power systems.JPGOur offshore platform systems deliver reliable, safe, stand alone systems to some of the world’s harshest environments.

    We supply individual stand-alone solar PV systems and complete aids to navigation packages able to perform and withstand the most extreme of environments. With over 20 years’ experience of working in the offshore industry, Tideland is uniquely positioned to offer the complete turnkey solution. Our systems include Zone 1 solar modules, battery boxes and control enclosures for Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications and the most up to date audible signals and LED lanterns.
  • Battery Boxes and Cabinets
    battery-bx-1.jpgAt the heart of every stand-alone solar power system is the battery bank.

    Battery boxes protect the cells from the harshest of environments in order to maintain their designed performance for as long as possible. Tideland supplies a range of ATEX certified battery box soltuions that best suit the installation environment. These are manufactured to suit each individual requirement. We have a number of standard range boxes made from 316L stainless steel, GRP and polypropylene. These are flame retardant, heat resistant, shock absorbing containers with covers attached to form a permanent leak-proof seal.

    Tideland supplies deep cycle, long life, heavy-duty, industrial-type and maintenance-free type batteries, proven for solar power supply system use and suitable for high ambient temperatures. Tideland ensures all systems meet the required battery autonomy (in days or hours) as specified by the client.
  • Service, Installation & Support

    pwr-sys-thu-1.jpgTideland offers a full maintenance and support service for offshore navigation and remote power systems.

    Whilst extremely reliable; proactive preventative maintenance ensures uninterrupted operation, protecting your investment, safeguarding your employees and ensuring continual compliance with regualtions.

    Tideland is able to provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services and support, from procurement to installation, as well as spare parts and system upgrades when required. The work is carried out by our team of qualified and experienced engineers, all of whom have the necessary offshore certification. Services offered include:

    • Hazardous area equipment inspection and maintenance
    • Full reporting of condition of systems including recommended repairs and level of criticality
    • Contract maintenance which can include the price of spare parts required
    • Emergency call out service
    • Training of customer’s operatives both offshore and in the classroom