Electronic Navigation, AIS & Monitoring

Tideland is able to supply several forms of Electronic Navigation including AIS, Radar Beacons (RACON) and many forms of remote monitoring systems. AIS is becoming increasingly popular as it not only provides an electronic position report it can also provide monitoring data and can also transmit weather and hydrological data.
  • TSD AIS Display

    electronic-02.jpgTSD is a powerful AIS display system that allows the viewing of AIS data transmitted from vessels and also AIS fitted AtoN products. TSD is compliant with ITU-RM 1371-3 standards and has such features as record and replay, warning areas and AIS target filtering. TSD offers a unique concept by allowing the operator to view AIS vessel traffic with the option of integrating and viewing AtoN via AIS message 21.

    • Efficient display of real-time AIS data.
    • Powerful filtering system (see only what you want).
    • Advanced replay feature viewing replay and online data simultaneously.
    • Display of historical tracks for one or all vessels, with timestamp indication.
    • Custom warning areas can be set for ships entering/leaving a sensitive zone.
    • Full message 21 support and compatibility with NavLink monitoring system.
    • Vessel database with filtering.


    The most popular AIS display for situational awareness

  • Electronic Aids
    SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON
    The industry leader for reliability and accuracy

    Patent pending, a world first, RACON and AIS combined

    ELECTRONIV-V20-INFORMER-200x200.jpgV-20 Informer™ - AIS Automatic Identification System

    New to our range with enclosed GPS

    ELECTRONIV-V10-INFORMER-200x200.jpgV-10 Informer™ - AIS Automatic Identification System

    Ideal for use inside self contained lanterns