Rotating Beacons


Where a major light is required Tideland offers powerful rotating beacons. Developed from proven acrylic lens technology, pioneered in the Maxlumina lantern, these rotating beacons produce unprecedented luminous intensities using low wattage marine lamps and LEDs reducing power requirements.

The increased use of Electronic Aids eliminates the requirement for the longest range lighthouse beacons. When planning aids to navigation today it is important to recognise these changes and take advantage of the efficiencies to be gained from them through the selection of modern low power, low maintenance beacons engineered for greater reliability.
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Up to 24NM range and available with or without a waterproof housing and fitted with a dust cover.



Up to 20NM range, available in a waterproof housing.


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An LED light source that allows for an easy upgrade to LED technology without having to replace existing lanterns. For use in TRB-220 and TRB-400 as well as being compatible with other manufacturers' lanterns. MaxiHALO-60RB is available as a retrofit or as a light source for a new rotating beacon.