Marine Racon

Racons which are frequency agile provide reliable, all-weather guidance to the mariner. These modern racons respond to a radar interrogation by transmitting a Morse code character which appears on the radar display. Even when numerous radar returns clutter the radar display, a coded racon trace is an unmistakable feature on the radar display and provides the means for accurate and positive identification.

The SeaBeacon  2 System 6 Racon, a frequency agile radar beacon, was developed by Tideland Signal in the 1980s and set the standard for racons in the marine AtoN industry. Over the years, constant improvements utilising the newest technology available have been built into SeaBeacon 2 to advance its performance.

SeaBeacon 2 System 6 Racon is unequaled in frequency matching accuracy, consistent pulse-by-pulse responses and advanced sidelobe suppression. It provides dependable service to all marine radars, including those with modern narrow band receivers.

FCC Certificate