Incandescent Lanterns


In 1967 Tideland introduced the worlds largest single piece acrylic optic for marine lanterns, the 300 mm MaxLumina lens. It is still today the most efficient injection moulded 300 mm lens lantern available. This marine drum lens is so nearly perfect that it produces required effective intensities from smaller wattage marine lamps, surpassing any other lens of comparable size  with a resulting reduction in power usage and extension of battery life.

Many companies are now taking advantage of LED technology and replacing conventional lanterns with lanterns fitted with LED's. Click here to see how effective they can be.

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ML-300(>10NM range) lantern is suitable for a wide range of marine applications such as lighthouses, landfall beacons, offshore platforms, and channel markers..



ML-155 (+5NM range) marine signal lantern is used in thousands of installations worldwide to mark buoys, offshore structures, channels, bridges, barges and docks.


ML-140 (+5NM range) is ideal for use as an aid to navigation wherever a wide-angle vertical divergence of the light beam is required. The use of wider light beams is recognised as an important factor in compensating for buoy angles of roll and heel.






Optional LED Light
An LED-based light source option is available for use in the ML-300/155/140 lanterns. Please refer to the MLED-RETRO sectio
n for information on this new light source.