CPC25A and CPC50A Cathodic Protection Controllers

Part of the new generation of CPCs (Cathodic Protection Controllers) featuring microprocessor control
300 x 300

Tideland Signal's CPC25A and CPC50A are part of the new generation of CPCs (Cathodic Protection Controllers), which feature microprocessor control, three programmable alarm/ function relays, built-in interrupt timer, and an RS232 port with data logging as standard.

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  • Features

    The two-line alphanumeric LCD displays the operating parameters of the unit by default: the output voltage set-point and actual, output current set-point and actual and half-cell (reference electrode) voltage set-point and actual. Active alarms are indicated and, using the keypad and digital potentiometer, it is also used to set up other parameters, such as low current and high current alarms, auxiliary input mode and the interrupt timer.

    The CPC controllers are available housed in painted steel, stainless steel, GRP enclosures, or Exd flameproof enclosures, or can be supplied as PCB or mounting plate assemblies for customer final assembly. The controllers include GDT, MOV and Zener diode protection against lightning and other induced surges.

    The CPC range is capable of operating with any suitable DC power source. High speed PW (Pulse-Width-Modulated) switching technology is used to obtain high conversion efficiency. The controllers can operate in one of three modes: constant voltage, constant current and half-cell voltage control with automatic changeover of control mode. The half-cell input can be sampled every 60 seconds (adjustable) with the input reverting to high impedance between sampling to prevent loading of the half-cell.

    Communications & Data Logging
    The CPC25A and CPC50A are supplied with an RS232 port which includes data logging. When connected to a PC or laptop, all main parameters and the present status can be viewed. The main set points and relay settings can be uploaded, and over 10,000 timed log events downloaded.

    The logging period can be set to 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals and the addition of a GSM or PSTN modem allows full remote access and control.

  • Specifications
    Input Voltage Range 12V System 24/48V Systems
    10V to 16V 20V to 64V Positive Common Only
    Max. Output Current 25A (Adjustable in 0.1A steps)
    Max. Output Voltage 12/24/48V or Input Voltage (Adjustable in 0.1V steps)
    Data Log Capacity Timed events Alarm events
    10.208 max 2.048 max
    Programmable Relay Functions Low Input Volts
    Low Output Current
    High Output Current
    System Normal / Common Alarm
    System (Output) Disabled
    Auxiliary Input Active
    Interrupt Timer Settings On Off
    1 to 9,999 seconds 1 to 9,999 seconds
    Operating Temperature Range -10° C to 58° C
    Enclosure Type Painted Steel / Stainless Steel GRP
    IP Rating IP66 IP65
    Dimensions, mm
    (H x W x D)
    25A  50A 25A  50A
    610 x 406 x 205 610 x 610 x 205
    645 x 435 x 250
     645 x 435 x 250

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.