ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock

Lighting from the inside, minimising glare and increasing safety
300 x 300

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock provides pilots with an indication of the wind direction as specified by IMO Modu Code, CAA CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14. These regulations require the presence of at least one windsock, which, if the helideck is intended for use at night, must be illuminated. Utilising Tideland’s ILED technology, the windsock is illuminated internally, thereby minimising glare and thus increasing safety.

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is just one of the products in Tideland’s complete range of ILED helideck signalisation and lighting solutions, which includes the CIRCLE-H and Helideck Status Light (Wave-Off) Systems as well as perimeter lights, obstruction warning lights and floodlights.

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  • Features

    The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is manufactured out of corrosion resistant materials. All exposed material, with the exception of the lighting fixture itself, is Stainless steel AISI 316L. For the lighting fixture aluminium was chosen because of its excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring that the LEDs have the longest possible service life. The alloy used is extremely corrosion resistant and recommended for offshore use.

    Also available as an optional extra is an integral Red obstruction light – which also uses Tideland’s ILED technology. Available as either certified to ATEX Zone 1, or as an industrial Safe Area-version – the windsock system is also ideal for onshore installations such as petro-chemical works, helipads and airports. As with all Tideland products, the ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is designed to require an absolute minimum of maintenance.

    Tideland’s sealed unit philosophy, which keeps all contaminants and corrosive influences away from sensitive electronics, combined with the ATEX/ IECEx Ex e certification means that only a periodic visual inspection is required, whilst smart design and the use of the highest grade materials and components enables excellent heat management that ensures the longest possible operating life.

    An example of the smart design that sets the windsock apart from all others is the unique reflector mechanism which completely removes the need to use moving electrical parts – such parts being highly prone to failure, especially in the corrosive environment encountered offshore. The innovative design and use of extremely durable materials result in increased operational safety and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Specifications
    Light source LED
    System Power ± 35 W (without top light)
    Light Colour White
    Ambient Temperature -40 °C up to +55 °C
    (Re)ignition Immediate
    Voltage Range 90 – 250 Vac
    Power Factor/Cos >0.90
    IP Rating IP66
    IEC Protection Classes Class 1
    Lens Toughened borosilicate glass
    Housing Marine Grade Aluminium Anodized
    Construction Height 2.58 m (1.123 m without base pole)
    Base Pole Height 1.67 m
    Windsock Size Ø 50 cm, length 150 cm
    Weight 33.5 kg Construction
    5.5 kg Top Light
    17 kg Base pole
    Mounting Flange Size Ø 220 mm
    Mounting Holes 8 x 18, Ø 180 mm
    Standard Version Standard Ex e junction box 1x M20 entry (stainless steel), Terminals suitable for max. 4 mm²
    ATEX Classification Group II, Category 2, Gas and Dust
    Area Classification Category 2 (Zone 1 and 21)
    Certificate (IECEx) IECEx SIR 11.0046X & IECExx SIR 11.0103U
    Certificate (ATEX) SIRA 11ATEX3101X & SIRA 11ATEX5239U
    Marking Ex II 2 G Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb
    Ex II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135 °C Db IP66
    ABS Rules PDA Certificate 14-LD1100054-PDA
     CE Yes


    Voltage Range 24 Vdc ± 10 % – 35 W
    Top Obstruction Light (Red) 5 W, type A & B acc. to ICAO annex 14 and Group A acc. to CAP 168 & CAP 437
    Construction Height (incl. top light) 2.80 m
    Dividable Base Pole Height 2 x 83.5 cm
    Mounting Weldable flange, Ø 220 mm, 8 x M16
    Windsock Size Ø 60 cm, length 240 cm
    Windsock Colour Options Red/White, Orange
    Cable On request

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.