V-10 Informer

Ideal for use inside self contained lanterns
300 x 300

V-Track™ V10 Informer™ is an AIS information provider and remote monitoring system for use on marine aids to navigation (AtoN) and other structures. The V10 Informer is available in two options: “Type 1” is a transmit only device, and “Type 3” is a transmit and receive device that can also be used as an AIS repeater. For most applications a transmit only device provides the ideal AIS AtoN solution.

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  • Features

    The V10 Informer is a compact unit housed in a rugged environmental enclosure for use on any AtoN. With a power consumption of less than 0.5 Ah/day, the V10 Informer is suitable for all solar installations, including buoys anywhere in the world.

    Tideland Signal has adopted the emerging IEC standards defining the functions and message structure contained within the AIS AtoN message. The V10 Informer is designed to comply with IEC and ITU requirements and also IALA recommendations. It isBSH approved.

    In addition, both the V10 Informer "Type 1" and "Type 3" have optional remote monitoring capabilities. It is capable of remote monitoring almost any manufacturer’s AtoN. When monitoring a Tideland Signal lantern the standard system provides: lantern status, battery voltage (loaded and unloaded) and an extra available input.

    The V10 Informer broadcasts AtoN message 21 and also allows broadcasting of weather and sea data on message 6 or 8 as a Binary Message or as a Text Message on message 12 or 14. Remote monitoring information is broadcast on message 6.

    • PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE -The V10 Informer is supplied with a comprehensive software application that enables you to program the unit via an RS232 interface.
    • REPEATER OPTION - The V10 Informer "Type 3" has the capability of repeating the standard supported AIS AtoN messages for predetermined MMSI numbers. In its "Type 3" option, the V10 informer can also be controlled over the VHF data link (VDL). This is all possible through the configuration software.
    • VIRTUAL AND SYNTHETIC AtoN - There are situations that require the authorities in charge to create either virtual or synthetic aids to navigation using their existing AIS infrastructure. For these cases, the V10 Informer is ideal as it supports both virtual and synthetic AtoN.
  • Specifications
    IP Rating
    IPx6 and IPx7
    Automatic Identification System (AIS) for AtoN
    Power Supply

    Type 1 Power Consumption - 12VDC nominal, FATDMA < 0.288Ah/day*

    Type 3 Power Consumption - FATDMA < 0.432Ah/day* RATMDA < 1.656Ah/day* * At 12.5W, reporting interval 3 minutes

    Temperature Range
    -25o C to +55o C
    Message 21 Content
    MMSI Number, Name of AtoN, Position, Position Accuracy, RAIM Indicator Type of Position Fixing Device, Time Stamp, Dimension of AtoN, Type of AtoN Virtual AtoN Target Flag, 8 bits reserved for regional application
    Standard Compliance

    IEC 60945 Ed. 4 (2002-05), IEC 61162-1 Ed. 3 (2007-04) , IEC 62320-2 Ed. 1 (2008-03), IEC 61108-1 Ed. 2 (2003-07), IEC 61108-2 Ed.1(1998-06), ITU-R M. 1371-4 (2010-04), IALA A-126 Ed. 1.4 (2008-06)

    Transmitter Performance

    TX Frequency Range - 156.025MHz to 162.025MHz in 25kHz steps

    Frequency Accuracy - ±500Hz

    Channel Space - 25kHz

    Channel Protection - 1 sec max on air

    Modulation - GMSK / FM

    Data Rate - 9,600 bps

    TX Power Control -  2/5/12.5W (programmable)

    Carrier Power Error -  ± 1.5 dB (normal) 5

    Nominal Impedance - 50 Ω

    Receiver Performance (Type 3 Only)

    Number of Receivers - 2

    RX Frequency Range - 156.025MHz

    Sensitivity - PER 20% at -107dBm

    Data Rate -  9,600 bps

    PER -  2% at -107dBm

    CO-Channel Rejection - 10dB at 1kHz offset

    Adjacent Channel Rejection - 70dB at 25kHz

    Nominal Impedance - 50 Ω

    GPS Receiver

    Receiving Channels - 50 channels

    Tracking & Navigation Sensitivity - ≥ -159dBm

    Reacquisition Sensitivity - ≥ -159dBm

    Horizontal Position - < 2.5 m Autonomous < 2.0 m SBAS

    Receiver Type - SBAS: WAS, GAGAN, EGNOS.MSAS


     Product Category  - IEC 60945 "Protected"

    Operating Temperature - -20C - +550C

    Storage Temperature - -30C - +700C

    Humidity - 95% relative humidity at 400C

    1-One RS-232 port for configuration, 2-One RS-232 port (optional), 3-One isolated control output-N.C. relay for alarm indication (default) or other control usages, 4-One isolated status input channel with 5 mA constant current sink for external device status input (e.g. read light fault, light on/off, etc.), 5-Four ADC channels for external sensors, 6-1 pps from internal GPS
    1-VHF connector (M type) 2-GPS connector (TNC type)

    Width  - 140mm

    Height - 155mm

    Depth - 60mm

    Weight - ≤ 1.5kg

    Case Material - Aluminum Alloy

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.