TSD Nautical Sentry

Browser-based aids to navigation display software
300 x 300

TSD Nautical Sentry is a powerful web-based monitoring and surveillance tool for both mobile and AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) transponders. It’s browser-based interface makes it easy for users to display and automatically monitor the AIS AtoNs in the network in real time.

TSD Nautical Sentry makes it easy to mark shipping lanes, monitor vessel traffic, transmit virtual AtoNs to mark protection zones, monitor dredge and Met/Hydro, and of course standard AtoN management and functionality. It also includes messages 6, 8, and 21 along with a multitude of other features that include record and replay, event creation, vessel tracking, reporting, and advanced monitoring of AIS units.

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  • Features
    AtoN remote monitoring for lantern status, battery voltage, Met/Hydro data and additional
    Virtual/Synthetic AIS AtoN creation
    Customizable interface with zooms, shapes, and filters to manage your AtoN and tracking display
    Distance, bearing, vessel speed and tracking
    Connect to multiple AIS base stations
    Advanced recording and replay features allowing you to access online data
    Enhanced and exportable reports for vessels, events, or AtoNs
    Support for two way communication

    • Real time display of AIS data via the web
    • Secured cloud based deployment for your data protection
    • Intelligent event and warning area detection and alerting


    • Oil & Gas
    • Ports & Harbors
    • Windfarms