SeaBeacon 2 System 6 RACON

The industry leader for reliability and accuracy
300 x 300

SeaBeacon® 2 System 6, a frequency agile radar beacon (RACON), provides dependable service to all marine radars including those with modern narrow band receivers.  SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 is unequaled in frequency matching accuracy, consistency pulse-by pulse response and advanced sidelobe suppression.

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  • Features

    Greater operational range
    SeaBeacon 2 System 6 provides improvements in receiver dynamic range, receiver sensitivity, power consumption and transmitter power. Better receiver sensitivity and higher gain antennas give superior range performance with solid-state radars.

    Available with or without pressurisation
    The GMU version of SeaBeacon 2 System 6 is available with or without pressurisation. Pressurising racons with nitrogen provides added protection against the corrosive marine environment, seasonal variations in ambient temperature, pressure fluctuations, condensation and accidental submergence.

    Dual-token sidelobe suppression
    Radars are identified accurately by measuring frequency and pulsewidth. Amplitude values are used to block responses to sidelobes.

    User selections
    Operating parameters such as quiescent periods, trace length, active period, extended quiescent and standard response code (per IALA recommendations) can be programmed in the field using an optional hand-held keypad or laptop.

    Intelligent power management
    Users may program quiescent and active time intervals to match performance and power consumption requirements. To further reduce power consumption, if no local radar is detected, the racon automatically returns to its quiescent state after a four second active period. Extended quiescent state for low traffic areas and seasonal inhibit further reduce power consumption. Periodic quiescent periods allow the radar operator to view the radar screen ensuring that no targets have been obscured by a racon response.

    Proportional scaling
    Ensures length of racon trace appearing on the radar screen is generally uniform on all range settings.

    SeaBeacon 2 System 6 racons can be linked, via Tideland’s NavLink®, to a manned base station for remote monitor and control functions.

    Hazardous use rating
    Available for General Marine Use (GMU), NEC Class 1 Division 2 (not pressurized), IECEx/ ATEX Category 2 (Zone 1) or ATEX Category 3 (Zone 2) for hazardous areas.

    Compliant to IALA Recommendation R-101 on Marine Radar Beacons (RACONS) Edition 2 December 2004.

  • Specifications
    Frequency of Operation X-Band - 9.3 to 9.5GHz
    S-Band - 2.9 to 3.1GHz
    Frequency Matching Accuracy - Long/Short Radar Pulses ± 1MHz
    Output Power to Antenna 1.0W (30dBm)
    Pulsewidth Response Minimum - 50 nanoseconds
    Maximum - 2000 nanoseconds
    RACON Response Length 4 - 80 microseconds
    RACON Response Display Scaling Pulsewidth (±50 ns typical) - RACON Response (±5 μsec typical)
    800 nanoseconds to 2000 nanoseconds - Selected value
    450 nanoseconds to 800 nanoseconds - 75% of selected value
    215 nanoseconds to 450 nanoseconds - 50% of selected value
    50 nanoseconds to 215 nanoseconds - 25% of selected value
    System Sensitivity X-Band - 50dBm
    S-Band - 50dBm
    Response Rate - Maximum (either band) 10KHz
    Response Delay - Maximum (100 metres) 667 nanoseconds
    Response Recovery Time - Maximum 20 microseconds
    Response Code AZ, 0-9, NW, NE, SW, SE
    Radar Blanking External blanking control ports available
    Built-in System Test Monitor Built-in - Audible Beeper
    External A - Isolated Transistor Switch for Go/No Go
    External B - RS-232C Communications Port for monitor, control and field programming features
    Power Supply Input Voltage GMU - 9 - 36 nominal 12VDC
    Ex - 18 - 32 nominal 24VDC
    Lighting Protection - Surge Protection 1 millisecond at 3000 volts
    Quiescent Power Consumption 0.24W
    Nominal Power Consumption Light Traffic - 0.75W
    Heavy Traffic - 1.0W
    Quiescent Period Programmable 0 to 60 seconds
    Extended Quiescent Programmable/Selectable
    Active Period Programmable 4 to 60 seconds
    Seasonal Inhibit Programmable/Selectable
    Antenna Specifications: X-Band Gain - 6dBi
    Polarisation - Horizontal
    Vertical Divergence - 22 degrees
    Effective Radiated Power - 4.0W
    Antenna Specifications: S-Band Gain - 6dBi
    Polarisation - Horizontal
    Vertical Divergence - 22 degrees
    Effective Radiated Power - 4.0W
    Antenna Specifications: S-Band Dual Polarisation Gain - 1dBi (Horizontal); 0dBi (Vertical)
    Polarisation - Horizontal and Vertical
    Vertical Divergence - 22 degrees
    Effective Radiated Power - 1.0 to 1.3W
    IP Rating IP68
    Submersion Capability – Maximum Depth 10 metres (35ft)
    Positive Pressurisation GMU version available with or without
    Dimensions Diameter (including lift ring) - 353mm (13.9in)
    Height - 807mm (31.8in)*
    Weight (includes 4.5 metre external cable and all stainless steel mounting hardware) – GMU 13.6kg (30lbs)*
    Base Housing Aluminium
    Operating Temperature GMU and ATEX Category 3 - -40° C to +70° C
    IECEx/ATEX Category 2 - -40° C to +48° C
    NEC/CSA Class 1, Division 2 - -40° C to +70° C

    *Dimensions vary with options.
    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.