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Developed for the CCG and now a glowing example of a spar buoy

The SB-60 is a low maintenance, cost-effective multipurpose buoy for use in all marine environments.

Diameter:  600mm 

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  • Features
    • UV-STABILISED POLYETHYLENE - Rotationally moulded to form a seamless body, 8.0mm thick, able to withstand knocks and/or collision. Through a unique mould design and a controlled process, an increased thickness is formed at major stress points. This rugged material is abrasion resistant and repels marine growth, eliminating costly sandblasting and painting.

      LONG-TERM STRENGTH – Equipped with a stainless steel mooring and lifting eye, the buoy is easily handled. The buoy is EPS foam filled to prevent significant water ingress in event of puncture, making it unsinkable. As with all Sentinel® buoys, minor punctures are on-station repairable.
    • MATCHING OR ALTERNATING COLOURS – The SB-60 buoy is available in all recommended IALA colours, including cardinal and bifurcation markings, with optional IALA-recommended topmarks.
    • LANTERN - Various lanterns can be fitted to the top for nighttime applications.


    • Optional 10m2 radar reflector
    • Optional repair kit


    • The SB-60 can be equipped with Tideland Signal’s Nova-65SC (shown in photo at right), or SolaNOVA-65, which are maintenance-free, self-contained lanterns that utilise LED technology, high performance solar modules and high-grade batteries.
  • Specifications
    23.7in (603mm)
    Foam Filling
    2lbs/ft3 (32kg/m3)
    Tower Height
    119in (3023mm)
    Nominal Freeboard
    20in (508mm)
    72in (1828mm)
    Nominal Focal Plane Height
    151in (3842mm)
    Optional Extended Focal Plain
    177in (4500mm)
    Rotationally moulded polyethylene for float sections, 8.6mm thick and galvanised frame in two sections (hull and superstructure)
    Visual Area
    38.75ft3 (3.6m3)
    Air Weight
    210lb 95kg)
    215lbs/in (38.4kg/cm)
    Radar Reflector
    10m2 (X-band)
    Radar Range, Nominal
    3 to 4NM
    As Specified ( All IALA colours available )
    Maximum Mooring Load
    5,163lbs (2,342kg)
    Maximum Current
    7 Knots

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.